Wednesday, August 24, 2005

its been a while since i last updated. anyway, after much talk with mates in soccer and thinking, i decided to stay on in soccer and try managaing my seriously lousy studies. i hope i can promote and still take 4 subs next year. promos are just fucking 30 days away. i cant wait for it all to be over.

yesterday i sadly lost my phone. all my photos, videos, messages everything. all gone. and the way i lost it is just retarded. here's a summary: i left it on my lap on the bus and fell asleep and only woke up at the interchange. where i realised i didnt have my phone. and then i called it again and again, until finally this asswipe picked it up. and said that someone sold him my phone for 300, and i could buy it back for 350 so he would make a profit. MOFO. anyway after talking to my dad, who was against the idea of calling the police to help retrieve the phone, i told him i didnt have 350. he asked me how much i have. i just said the first one that came to my mind. 20 bucks. and that fucker said...20...okay..can..just to confirm what he meant by can, i asked 20 for my phone back? and he then said, 'no, i can make more money somewhere else.' swithced off my phone and i seriously hope he rots in hell.

Friday, August 05, 2005

recently ive been thinking a hell lot of quitting soccer. and joining bridge. for several reasons like being sick of people going "you are a soccer player and you can't even do a single pull up. what kind of lousy soccer player are you?". and bridge because even though admittedly im not exactly talented in bridge, i have fun playing it. and i think leo quitting also played a part in it too. i haven't quit yet though.

well, once again, i have to thank the SAME lousy group of friends who told me what happened it harry potter. this time they told me what was gonna happen in The OC. thanks a lot guy with shiny forehead and girl with hairy fingers i really owe it to you two.

i think im gonna start physics tuition tmr. if all goes well, that is.

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