Wednesday, November 02, 2005

tamil is over. actually pretty confident of gettinga 7 or 6. if i dont get a 7 at least, ill know its beacuse im just useless in tamil, and 11 years of learning it was wasted, cos i really put in effort for this stupid exam.

went for a class bbq, had fun, went to kula's place for some deepavali party, and had even more fun there. only reached home close to 3 and had to go to bintan the next morning. anyway, now im back from bintan and wondering what the fuck im gonna do with my hair for tmr's OP dry run.

my mom sent my brother this sms:

whatZ happening?

why mom, did you really have to put a Z after the what. couldnt you have put a S. why put the Z?

she claims its her style.



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