Saturday, July 23, 2005

ptm was yesterday and it was fucking lousy. ms lim complained for the entire 20 mins. lol. the worst part is that she said she'll change me, aarons and dons place in class. which sucks. and i forgot to ask her for my potter book back.

my potter book which i have no more motivation to read seeing that i know who died, how tt person died, who killed tt person, and even what happened after tt person died. and i also know abt who made out with who. all thanks to shaun and a few of my cj "friends". i feel so fucking honoured to have such great mates.

anyway, check this blog out. this blogger is a legend. just like you michelle.


Friday, July 15, 2005

mid years long over and my results aren't too bad. B C D O for maths physcics econs chem respectively. considering the effort put in, the output produced is pretty damn high. or in economic terms, this is an increasing returns to scale. and i actually passed tamil. c6. this gives me hope. maybe, just maybe, i wont have to take the lousy tamil b next year.

oh well, on the bright side, at least the fat bitch from desp housewives. got attacked. but she's still around. not dead. her downright worse than don yew's fugliness and her fatter than airen yeo's body aside, at least the reason i watched desperate housewives is still there. and will be there for a long, long time.

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Eva Longoria.
or honey for short.
oh how i wish.


Saturday, July 02, 2005

ok so physics chem econs are all over. im gonna do badly for all three, they're gonna call up my folks for the PTM and after that i can just fuck myself.

tamil oral was mother-fucking horrible. i think i pissed the examinor off by first, asking him to repeat his question 5 fucking times and then saying that students have lost interest in tamil. he shook his head. he didn't give me the nod he gave almot everyone else. orrhhhh dio!

can't wait for maths to end. then it'll be all fun. can play all the soccer i want. starting with a match on tuesday night.

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