Wednesday, October 18, 2006

okay ive been wanting to do this for some time
here's a tribute to everyone who has made my life in cjc fun

Aaron Yeo: Thanks for everything man dude, youve been a real friend, one who i know i will definitly have in the years to come. Thanks for all the late night calls(of which they have only been a few) and stuff. anyways, youre a smart kid, im sure once you fix that attitude(dude, too slack), you'll go far.

Don: Thanks for NOTHING. all your irritating one-liners like "my shoulders very small meh?" and "wahlou eh you damn mug eh you" and "i never mug". all a bag of lies. anyways, seriously man, youre also one of my best friends in class and it'd be such a pity if we lose contact, so dont stop calling me yea.

Brendan: shiny.

michelle chow: youve been fun to hang out with in school, nothing beats making fun of that lousy mole on your face. anyways, stay fun, and my sincere best wishes to whatever you choose to do post JC.

leo: fucker whole day "mrs tan, aaron has something to ask you". haha its been great having you in chem class you knowS. how about a moofie man? seriously i would just die without you in chem class. douoououououououun make fun of me. sure thing man, see you soon.

gahgen: i think most of you know him as ken, but please his name is Gen. so gen, just choose 1 lah. choose a girl, that will help a 100 other girls move on with their lives. and move on to me. okya. please. seriously, keep in touch, ill keep you updated. ill tell you how hea(v/r)y i am. and whether i join the na(f/v)e.

benji: dont poke me, he says, as he pokes you with his 30 cm ruler. haha. anwyays, take care man, im sure we wont totally lose contact. keep calling ken gen man, that way ill like you more.

donnny: ECONS PRO! seriously man you are the most consistent econs srudent ever. but you chem...haha, good luck for the As man, and good luck with the post A levels.

simone: who has just told me this will never be done. so in your face! or thighs! i spelt it correctly. you are just about the most fun classmate to fun, stay that way, you will always have people around you, and good luck with everything you pursue. may i point out there were no spelling errors in this entire tribute to you. wait. why am i even paying trubute to you?

ronald: HTC. cant belive leo almost got your pose, youve been a good htc. and heres to more spades! G unit will always own team spades and all the other teams you represent. and hopefully 1 day you will learn that liverpool are the best team around.

eugene: ehh genius. nice to know youve been farting. and i realise how grosse that sounded. but heck, its nice to know. thanks for all the help in studies over the past 2 years, the spades and games. p tinngi was fun. nice kayaking with you. actually it sucked. it wasnt you. i think it was me. we were going in 8s. haha. as in the direction of travel was like the number 8. fun stuff.

jan: ahh. you. okay don go. ill never forget that moment. it was funny watching from where me and eugene were on our kayaks. ill definitly see much more of you post As. good luck with the A levels! and with everything else.

mel: mel i think you should frame the photo you took with me. and keep it. haha seriously, its been great having you as a classmate hopefully we dont lose contact yea. all the best for the a levels and beyond yea.

okay. thats all for today. i may finish everybody else another time, but if i never get round to doing it, here's just a list of names if the people that have enriched my time in cj.

michelle ang yongwen seelin dennis rachel shingyee daner clarence ervin alicia wuyuan eunice teo. i hope i got everyone from t 19 im just wrting in order of seating position in class.

other non t 19npoepole:
maggot malcolm cedric jacob haoming gerard leow.

and many many more but if i start now, ill never stop.

thank you all so very much.
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