Friday, March 31, 2006

simone you truly are a lousy bridge player. i guess 61st out of 66 teams is a relfection of how bad you are. poor partner of yours. i pity her. i mean its like she's probably worthy of finishing in the top 10 and then she gets you as partner and ends up 61st. thats pretty sad you know simone. so next time choose a partner on par with you. though im sure it will be hard to find someone so bad as to be on par with you in terms of ability to play bridge.

thanks for the despeate housewives update again though!

first game of a div. what the fuck? which teams scores 4 goals in a match and does not win?



i scored one. sheer scored the second then it was the hafiz show.


Friday, March 03, 2006

i know its march and i have not updated. bascially i dont feel like blogging anymore but heck.

Cts were like fuck. im gonna fail physics and maths. which is disappointing but not the least bit suprising taking into account the effort or lack of effort id say ive put in this term. gotta get some momentum started for the big As.

school team soccer is a bitch. im prolly gonna keep the bench warm this year. which is fucked, but what makes it more fucked up is that i was a first team player in j1. like what the fuck?

here you go simone.

simone is a lousy bridge player. god only knows what she's doing in bridge club. wait. maybe even god is clueless as to what exactly you're doing in bridge club. she's got absolutely massive thighs (see my class photo). She's totally hooked on maple story. im not even sure if this lame game for the lifeless is called maple story, so correct me if im wrong. she's frequently like showing off that she's reached some super high level or something. and she was so traumatized when she lost her password. she thinks her singing is better than mine, but she's so wrong. her singing is horrible. but giving credit to her singing, her singing is not as bad as her talking. she talks like a frog, haha, i swear she croaks. and i take every opportunity to mimic her. altough i cant do a perfect imitation cos its hard to croak the way she does.

haha, thats simone for you. thanks for all the desperate housewives updates!

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