Friday, November 18, 2005

sometimes friends you hold dear come and go. like acquaintances. it's sad. but it's a harsh reality of life, which i'm painfully learning the hard way. okay, enough emo whining. leave that to Don.

so i got my ps2 fixed, the lens was spoilt, and yep, now it's in perfect condition, hopefully it won't go boncus like it did agian, and hopefully this time we won't see too many flying controllers eh jason?
i'll be seeing a hell lot of this to pass time over the next few weeks:
Image hosted by

i'm definitly not a natural in golf, in fact, im quite the opposite, but having said that, i guess a lot can't be expected from seeing that i've only hit golf balls twice in my life, so there'a long way to go, i just have to hang in there, and take baby steps.



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